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    True Hair Miami has created a unique style of tape extensions that allow you to have more volume within your hair. With Seamless extensions there is a single-sided weft of hair that naturally sets on top of the tape, therefore looking like it is straight out of the scalp. The hair is in place allowing to fully cover up any sight of the weft so clients may have them placed higher on the scalp and more toward their hairline creating a seamless and flawless look. 

    Return Policy


    We do not offer returns on any products purchased from our website.  True Hair Miami Hair Extensions are a hygienic product and we do not accept returns for this reason.  We will provide an exchange for any unopened hair extensions within thirty (30) days from the date you received of your order.  You must contact to request an exchange before sending back the product.  True Hair Miami is not responsible for any shipping costs and suggest you select a tracking option as True Hair Miami is not responsible for lost returns.  If you are concerned about the color of hair you’re ordering, we suggest purchasing a color ring first.


    What are True Hair Miami Extensions?
    True Hair Miami Extensions are the perfect solution for getting that desirable look you have always wanted. May it be length, volume and color without heat, styling or dyes, True Hair Miami Extensions are the answer.  We manufacture 100% Virgin Remy hair with the cuticle intact and use medical grade adhesive that leaves behind no reside and does not damage when applying. True Hair Miami Extensions feature a natural bodied texture allowing you to create not only natural flawless hair when styled, but gorgeous air dried hair as well.
    How long do True Hair Miami Extensions last?
    We recommend having maintenance service every 6-8 weeks to ensure the hair is always in tact. With regular maintenance the hair can last between 4-8 months when properly cared for in-between visits. 
    What is the quality of True Hair Miami Extensions?
    True Hair Miami Hair Extensions use the highest quality, 100% human, virgin, Remy hair sourced from South America.  Our hair is sourced ethically and we ensure proper processing methods are used to treat the hair to keep its integrity and provide you with the softest, most natural looking hair.
    Who can wear True Hair Miami Extensions?
    Our hair is great for most hair types and is the safest option for women with thin hair as no heat is used during the application to avoid damage. When applied by a professional, True Hair Miami Extensions are extremely safe and won’t break or damage the natural hair.  Typically hair is sandwiched between two extensions, but if hair is super fine, we suggest using our single-sided tape to keep them extra light and have a more of a natural finish.
    Who can apply True Hair Miami Extensions?
    We only recommend that True Hair Miami Extensions are applied by a hair extension specialist or licensed stylist that has experience working with hair extensions. We do not recommend applying them on your own.
    How do I care for True Hair Miami Extensions?
    Our extensions are designed to not only look and feel amazing, but are designed to make your life easier. You can go about your normal hair care routine, washing and styling your hair as you normally would. We highly suggest keeping creamy shampoos, hair conditioner, oil-based styling products and heat tools farther away from the tape to ensure the adhesive stays in tact.  Otherwise you are able to treat True Hair Miami Extensions as if they are own strands (which they are!).
    Can I get True Hair Miami Extensions wet?
    Shower, swim, sweat…. you can do them all while wearing True Hair Miami Extensions.
    Can True Hair Miami Extensions be colored?
    Yes! Our extensions may be colored with professional permanent, semi-permanant and even temporary colors. We highly recommend a professional colorist or stylist with color experience to change the tones of the extensions.
    How do I remove True Hair Miami Extensions?
    We suggest having a professional stylist with extension experience use our Solvent Remover spray. This will quickly and safely break down the adhesive tape so that the extension can be gently lifted off the hair without damaging the natural hair.